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Plaza '96 was an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) for Microsoft Windows OS and Microsoft Disk OS developed and published by Albanian art collective [XENOS Softworks] in late 1996. The game was played in a large seamless virtual world, which could host hundreds of player characters (or "avatars") simultaneously. While the DOS client was limited to a text-based interface, The Windows 95 release allowed users to interact in full 3D — a technological marvel, for the time. Plaza '96 went offline in early 1997, coinciding with the start of the Albaninan Civil War. Very little is known about the game today. Some users believe that at least one server remains open to connections. Even if this is the case, the server IP is nonetheless unknown to the public. Players who remember the game describe bizzare and incongruent landscapes, which mixed techno - utopianism with esoteric mysticsim. Such reports are, by their nature, unverifiable.



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