Hail fellow travelers,

I've found myself in the midst of some rather long term endeavors, and I thought that — rather than disappearing in apparent perpetuity — it would be best to fill you all in a little. Firstly, of course: Autogeny has been nominated for an IGF award! This is excellent & unexpected news, but it does mean I'll be quite busy preparing for GDC over the course of the next few months. I also seem to have stumbled into some design work, which is eating up a fair chunk of time in its own right. This, on top of my ordinary obligations, means I don't suspect my next game will be coming out until late spring.

The good news: the aforementioned game is increasingly likely to be the first in a trilogy, much like the PAGAN series. This first game is a little larger than Autogeny, but dramatically more dynamic & technically ambitious. Once it's out, the plan is to iterate on its core systems, while ramping up the scope of the series (i.e. content & scale) dramatically. I'd also like to start bringing other people on board the project, and happily, there's rumblings of movement on this front already. Things have somehow started to reach the point where my wildest game design ideas seem positively plausible, and frankly, that should make everyone a little worried.

With love and curses,
                                                  — Oleander Garden